For over 25 years, Dr. Kira Banks has been helping individuals and institutions develop an equity mindset. She helps them understand systems of oppressions through teaching frameworks and competencies that lead to actions needed to create inclusive and equitable environments. Dr. Banks has worked across Broadway, Hollywood, corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations. Her approach is focused on helping organizations develop a common language and understanding so people can work within their spheres of influence to make the organization equitable. Dr. Banks believes “we can’t nice our way out of racism.” The work of equity requires we each recognize our various identities and how they have shaped our experiences but cannot stop at that awareness. Individual trainings can be appropriate if an organization needs to develop a common vocabulary or gain and understanding of how equity is distinct from diversity and inclusion initiatives. Ongoing training with time to practice applying concepts along with organization dialogues and check-ins is a more effective approach to sustainable change.


Championing growth through challenges is at the heart of DEEP’s mission, a journey infused with graceful imperfection. We use storytelling not just as a tool but as a canvas, illustrating the profound impact of overcoming obstacles on personal and collective development. Our approach is rooted in advocacy and empathy, recognizing that every struggle, mistake, and triumph is a stitch in the rich tapestry of our shared human experience.

We embrace the philosophy of ‘Graceful Imperfection’, acknowledging that it is through our flaws and failures that we often find our greatest strengths and learnings. Our stories are not just narratives; they are lifelines, connecting those who face challenges with the resilience and hope they need to prevail.

In championing growth, we focus on fostering environments where vulnerability is not a weakness but a cornerstone of strength. We believe in the power of empathy to bridge divides, understanding that when we truly listen and connect with others’ experiences, we unlock the potential for transformative growth.

DEEP strives to empower individuals and communities to navigate and embrace the challenges that shape our journey, making us stronger, wiser, and more connected.

Services Include: Cultural Assessments · Executive Coaching and Leadership Training · Human Resources Team Training · Manager/Director Training  · Staff DEI Training Sessions · Keynotes/Townhalls


Heritage Consulting by B+R is a minority women-owned consulting firm. Our network of consultants works with Chief Diversity Executives and COOs at companies of various sizes, that reside in both the public and private sectors, to assist them with their DEIB Strategy, Training, reporting, and other governance initiatives. This includes performing a specific DEIB Project or working with an existing DEIB function to supplement their team when they lack adequate staff or skills within the Theatre Industry, manufacturing, hospitality, gaming, healthcare, and other customer-facing industries. Our past performance includes but is not limited to, supporting companies in establishing and optimizing their DEIB Programs.

The broad and deep experience our DEIB consulting team brings enables us to assess the current state effectively and tailor implementable actions allowing for practical, real-life solutions to meet business outcomes.

Heritage Consulting by B+R LLC will assist with developing and refining existing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategy, implementation, needs assessment of current DEIB state, DEIB policy and procedures development, DEIB Talent Acquisition Strategy, DEIB Curriculum Development, and Training and creating a sustainable DEIB company culture.


The Verna Myers Company (TVMC) is a boutique consulting firm specializing in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging training. Verna Myers is available for keynote presentations, consulting for C-Suite, Board Members/Trustees, and other senior executives including CHROs and CDOs. Senior Consultants are available for virtual and in-person workshops on DEIB topics. TVMC products also include online training videos on